A Telco-grade solution to deploy RCS messaging

What is RCS?

RCS is the evolution of SMS and MMS and is the new generation of carrier messaging from Telecom Operators

Text only, no read receipts, unverified senders
Text, small images/videos, no read receipts, unverified senders
Chat, group chat, video, audio, images, maps, read receipts, verified senders, chip buttons, rich cards, carousels...
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WIT RCS+ Product

We provide a complete stack of end-to-end solution for RCS messaging

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Our Apps are fully compliant with GSMA UP2.4:

Single composer for SMS, MMS, RCS Rich content: image, audio, video, maps IR.92 for Voice, SMS over IP and IR.94 for Video Enriched calling Support for chat stickers and sticker store Group Chat and SMS Broadcast UP2.3 UX: rich cards, carrousels, quick actions and suggested replies Chatbot directory and chatbot discovery Sender verification with a special badge Rich Profile Information Pin chat to top Reply to a message Filter unknown senders Backup and Restore UI theme customization
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WIT RCS Application Server

RCS Server has the following list of capabilities:

Capability Discovery Group Chat File Transfer of rich media Audio Messaging Geolocation push Standalone Messaging (SMS and MMS over IP) Assurance of message delivery with fallback to SMS/MMS Interoperable with native RCS Apps Supports either OMA CPM and Simple IM
Supports interworking between different versions of UP Extensible to include support for multi-device SIP Registrar for Pre-IMS deployments Can be deployed on Openstack and VMware vCloud Scalable to hundred of millions of active users Proven 99.999% availability in live deployments Low Operational Cost on “standard hardware” Detailed Analytics data

WIT MaaP Gateway

Our MaaP Gateway can be used to leverage the best use-cases of A2P/P2A Messaging

RCS UP2.4 UX elements Brand Sender Verification Search in Business Directory Business Discovery Seamless Web View (UP 2.4) Style sheets for messages and conversations (UP 2.4) Spam Management
Automatic download of a branded contact cards Automatic content adaptation (SMS, pre-UP2.0, UP2.0+) SMS fallback (for non RCS devices and iPhone) Control Function for NNI and Aggregators GWs Support for Chatbot Discovery Federation of Chatbot Directories SLA & Throttling Control

RCS Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard for the RCS Platform

Manage ACS configuration templates Visual tool for Operator Messaging Management of chatbots and brand accounts Control of external chatbot directories Configuration of the sticker store Analytics data from the RCS platform and Apps Analytics from A2P and P2A sessions Scheduling of Reports Audit tools and console activity
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WIT Conversation Platform

A Platform to create, run and deploy RCS chatbots

Conversation Studio & Campaign Builder 00:41
Graphical editor for RCS chatbots Built-in A.I. for natural language processing A.I. Knowledge for FAQ Live-chat console for human agents AI insights for human agents Campaign builder Pre-built Chatbot templates

Why to consider the WIT RCS+ Platform

1. WIT has a strong expertise in IP messaging, voice and video and has been working on RCS since 2011, fully aligned with GSMA. The current version of the product is fully compliant with GSMA UP2.4.
2. WIT RCS+ product is carrier-grade solution, and has been commercially-proven in terms of scalability, reliability and high-performance.
3. WIT RCS+ product is the only end-to-end solution of RCS technology, comprising of the RCS App, RCS Server Platform, MaaP Gateway, Business & Aggregator Portal, Campaign Builder and Conversation Studio.
4. WIT has a solid track-record of deployments around the globe and is trusted by several tier-1 Mobile Carriers in different geographies.

WIT RCS Customers

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