WIT is a software company that creates products and develops projects for the Telecom industry.


We have a team of talented people, that use their skills to create advanced software for mobile and Telecom.
WIT has a very unique corporate culture, that is founded on strong human values.
Our focus is to work hard to deserve a high level of trust from our customers.

How we differentiate

We don’t position ourselves as a regular software vendor that delivers software and moves away.
We partner with our customers in the full journey of a software project: design, architecture, specification, development, testing, deployment, commercial launch, monitoring, collection of insights and continuous improvement.

Innovation driven

We have our initial roots at the University. Innovation is part of our DNA and is one of our key drivers.
We have a sustainable investment on R&D to create new products and solutions and to foster intellectual property.
We apply methodologies like lean-startup and disciplined entrepreneurship to conduct our R&D activities.


We apply strong processes of software quality and we follow the best practices of agile development methodologies, including SAFE, Scrum and Kanban.
WIT is a certified company on ISO 9001, NP 4457, ISO 14001.

Our People

Social Responsibility

WIT Helps

WIT Helps is the CSR program of the company. It’s mission is to give back to the society, help our local communities and other people in need.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, WIT has been supporting the local hospitals and community by donating ventilators and PPE equipment.


A CSR program from the company that has two main objectives:
– promote healthy habits of regular exercise among our employees, families and friends;
– create awareness about social responsibility: “if you run or walk a certain distance we will help a child”.
Until the end of 2023, we helped children from 8 countries across 4 continents, and we ran a distance of 1.650.246 kilometers.
This is more than the distance from the Earth to the Moon!
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Blood Donation

Twice a year for over a decade, WIT has been donating blood to local hospitals. The collected blood goes to trauma and oncology units to help save lives.

Support the Homeless

Our volunteers participate in street actions, supervised by professional social workers, delivering food and hot soup to the less favoured and homeless people. The aim of “Giros de Rua” is to provide short-term comfort by giving food, but also to create trust and bounds in order to help to accept social support. While the volunteers prepare and deliver the food, the social workers have the chance to talk and evaluate other needs regarding the sanitary conditions and health of the less favoured and homeless people.

Nampula Children

Since 2013, WIT supports the education of 10 children in the province of Nampula, Mozambique. We have been helping to promote a better life to these little boys and girls, not just by sponsoring their education, but also by being aware of their educational achievements and keeping track of their familiar background. With this initiative, WIT Software is changing the lives of 10 youngsters and giving them the opportunity to have access to a better future.

Green Practices

Through the WIT Green initiative, we create awareness among our employees about good environmental practices.
WIT is a ISO 14001 certified company for promoting good practices to respect and protect our environment.

Compromisso Pagamento Pontual

We are member of this social responsibility movement, that promotes a culture of payment to Suppliers on time and enhances the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy.
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