We are Hiring!

We are looking for talented people who want to
create advanced software that will make the difference.

Five good reasons to join us

  • You will create software for some of the major companies in the global market
  • You will master the emerging technologies from mobile and internet
  • You will have freedom to be creative and unleash your best abilities
  • You will belong to a team that has very strong human values
  • You will work for a very reliable and stable company
5 Good Reasons to Work with us
Advantages of working at WIT

Advantages of working with us

  • You will receive a competitive compensation package and recognition for your work
  • You will have access to WIT Academy and WIT Tech Talks to improve your knowledge
  • You will have the opportunity to learn and master new skills
  • You will have an incredible work environment with lots of funny team-building activities
  • You will work in very cool spaces, resembling the Silicon Valley style

A word from our own staff

Janete Santos Janete Santos

Janete Santos

Coimbra • Since 2014

Currently working on: Developing automatic tests to a web platform that integrates fixed and mobile communications on a single system.

Why I work here: WIT provides me the opportunity to evolve in a healthy way, especially in a professional nature, helping to improve skills and to develop new ones. Moreover, and very important, we have the team-buildings activities. They’re always spectacular.

Hobbies: Watching movies and TV series, playing volleyball, dancing and have fun with friends.

Rodrigo Dias Rodrigo Dias

Rodrigo Dias

Coimbra • Since 2014

Currently working on: The iOS RCS Apps included in the WIT’s RCS Suite, working every day to deliver the best mobile communications user experience in the market.

Why I work here: I want to be among the best in the industry, being able to grow more and more each day as a professional and having the opportunity to craft high-quality software used by millions of people all over the world.

Hobbies: Playing and watching football, listening to music, watching movies and TV shows.

Ricardo Mendes Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

Leiria • Since 2014

Currently working on: Improving our iOS RCS client with great new features and also creating a new iOS VoIP client app.

Why I work here: Every day I learn something new and I get to work on challenging projects that keep me highly motivated. We have great people and a great work environment. And also free coffee!

Hobbies: Trying to keep up with reading, TV shows and bike rides, while raising two kids.

António Mendes António Mendes

António Mendes

Porto • Since 2012

Currently working on: Core network services for a mobile operator. Our aim is to improve performance and customize the core network services.

Why I work here: WIT gave me the opportunity of working on challenging projects, which make me grow daily. It gave me the opportunity to meet inspiring people, both personal and professional level. The working environment is very good, and yes, we have a cycling team 🙂

Hobbies: Cycling. Running. Watching movies and series.

Hugo Gaspar

Hugo Gaspar

Coimbra • Since 2011

Currently working on: An app that offers a cloud backup service and reaches millions of users every day, spread across thirteen countries.

Why I work here: Working at WIT defies me on a daily basis and that’s one of the first things I look for in a job. There’s a great amount of team building activities that make me feel appreciated and happy. Working for the whole world gives me the sense of stability and greatness that I love and going out on the street and seeing people communicate using the products I develop, is one of the most gratifying things one can hope for.

Hobbies: Crossfit, Trail Running, Cycling, Watching TV Series and very recently, playing with my newborn.

Vera Cardoso Vera Cardoso

Vera Cardoso

Coimbra • Since 2013

Currently working on: A back office used by telco operators to manage devices and the contents displayed in two mobile applications.

Why I work here: Challenging projects with skilled and inspiring people, evolving professionally and personally. The active role that WIT has in the social field is also a reason to be proud of working here.

Hobbies: Reading. Listening to music. Hiking. Watching movies and TV series.

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