5G NEW CALLING Re-inventing the call experience!


WIT 5G New Calling is based on a technology that is being promoted by GSMA and promises a new era in mobile communications by opening up opportunities to create new services, applications and experiences on top of the voice channel [1].

Our product of 5G New Calling is ready for commercial deployment and is future proof in the sense that is following the evolution of IMS-Data Channel.


At the core of our platform is the support for verified and branded calling. Enterprises and professionals need to apply for verified business account in a Telecom portal. All the process of KYB (Know Your Business) is conducted by a highly reputable third-party certification authority, connected to our platform.

After that step, the platform runs a verification protocol with digital certificates to authenticate every outbound call to mobile devices. If the calling party has the certificate of a Verified Business Account, the calling display on the smartphone will show a verified business logo or a verified business card.

Next figure shows the experience of 5G New Calling in the case of outbound calls from Verified Business Accounts.

Branded calling with verified company logo
Branded calling with logo and call reason
Branded calling with verified business card

This branded calling is a fundamental step to protect the users from spam and fraud calls and to re-establish trust in the voice channel.


Once Brands and Businesses start using branded calling, they will be empowered to think about new ways to connect with their consumers. With 5G New Calling technology it is possible to send data to the calling device and to enhance the calling display with rich visual information. This opens the door for new opportunities for Brands to include visual advertising on top of voice calls and extract more value from this new premium service of voice communication.

Next figure shows three examples of what can be done with our product of 5G New Calling: include visual ads in the calling display, run customer surveys, and send brand campaigns with video content.

Branded calling with visual ads
Branded calling with visual ads
Branded calling with promotional videos

This new experience can be a powerful tool for Brands to enhance their customer outreach, promote a much higher customer engagement and create value for their business.


Beyond solving the problem of trust on the voice channel, our platform can add interactive calling capabilities through the launch of 5G new calling applications. This interactive experience will be accomplished through 5GNC Mini-Apps, small applications that are based on Web technologies and APIs (GSMA TS.66) and can be invoked during a call and shown in the calling display.

The product includes a Mini-App platform, with built-in customizable Mini-Apps that can be selected and customized by Businesses and Professionals. The platform also provides APIs for companies to develop other new Mini-Apps for 5G New Calling, promoting a new ecosystem within the Telecom industry.

Reserve a restaurant (mini-app)
Book an appointment (mini-app)
Digital IVR (mini-app)

We envisage many other use cases that will be developed in partnership with Telecom Operators.


Our platform provides a Web Portal where Enterprises and Professionals will be able to do the following:

  • Apply for a Verified Business Account.
  • Setup branded calls with company logos, business cards, and call subjects.
  • Create in-call campaigns.
  • Configure and setup new calling Mini-Apps.
  • Select 5GNC applications from a Mini-App Store.
  • Run customer surveys.
  • Read collected analytics for better customer segmentation.


We are following a two-phase approach with our product of 5G New Calling:

Phase 1: While there is no network and device support for IMS Data Channel, our product is making use of a proprietary implementation based on the standards: GSMA NG.134 and TS.66. To provide the best experience for the end-users, the Telecom Operators should distribute a small SDK in their self-care Apps. Alternatively, they can embed the SDK in the new devices shipped to the market. This SDK is available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Although called “5G New Calling”, our current version of the platform works on 4G and 5G networks, is ready for commercial deployment and does not require any upgrade on the IMS infrastructure.

Phase 2: When the handset manufacturers ship new devices with support of IMS-Data Channel, 5G new calling will be provided natively. Our platform is future-proof and will be ready to work with IMS-Data Channel, in full compliance with GSMA NG.134/TS.66 specifications. This future phase also requires the Telecom Operators to update their IMS and TAS infrastructure to be IMS-Data Channel compliant.


The main benefits for Telecom Providers to embrace 5G New Calling are the following:

1. Solve the lack of trust in the voice channel: outbound calls will be branded with a verified company logo or a business card. This will give more trust to the consumers and will protect legitimate businesses that want to keep using the voice channel and engage with their customers.

2. Bring new revenue streams for the Telecom Operators. Telecom Operators will be able to monetize new calling as a premium voice service, providing a secure way for Enterprises to contact their customers.

3. 5G New Calling will help on customer acquisition: 5G New Calling services will provide an innovative and distinctive voice service that will help to acquire new customers, particularly in the Enterprise segment.

“5G New Calling will revolutionize the voice experience with innovative services” (GSMA Foundry)