We are looking for a talented and detail-oriented Data Analyst. You need to be passionate about data, with a strong analytical mindset and have good problem-solving skills. You will work closely with different teams, to identify trend, patterns and opportunities that will drive business growth. Our company works for the global market, with software running in more than 40 countries, so if you are looking for a career challenge this is the opportunity that you are looking for.

Key Responsibilities

    •    Conduct direct conversations with international data providers (English);
    •    Work with software engineers to develop scripts of code to capture data from these providers;
    •    Cleanup the databases, reorganizing data in a readable format;
    •    Perform analysis to assess the quality and meaning of data;
    •    Adopt new tools of GENERATIVE AI to conduct advanced data analysis;
    •    Make use of data visualisation tools;
    •    Use AI and statistical tools to identify and interpret patterns and trends in the data sets;
    •    Develop prediction tools on top of the raw data;
    •    Prepare reports for the management stating trends, patterns, and predictions using the relevant data.


    •    Strong mathematical skills to help collect, organize and analyze data;
    •    Strong proficiency on Microsoft Excel;
    •    Technical proficiency regarding database design, data models, techniques for data-mining and segmentation;
    •    Knowledge about programming languages like SQL and Python is a plus
    •    Knowledge of data visualisation tools;
    •    Ability to create and apply the most accurate algorithms to datasets in order to find solutions;
    •    Problem-solving mindset;
    •    Accuracy and attention to detail;
    •    Team-working skills;
    •    Excellence in writing reports, and making presentations;
    •    Verbal and written communication skills in English.

Additional Information

∙ Position Type: Full-time
∙ We offer a competitive compensation package as well as an environment conducive to personal and professional growth

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