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Unified Communication End-Points

Integrated collaboration applications for all devices

WIT offers a solution of end-point applications for business communications, such as Voice-over-IP, Video, SMS/MMS, Presence and Instant Messaging. This solution is specially targeted for carrier and enterprises which have already selected or implemented PBX providers, but wish to complete the service with full-featured, yet easy-to-use applications.

The applications can be tightly integrated with Next Generation Intelligent Network (NGIN) services, to provide functions such as Self-care configuration, Busy Lamp/Do-not-disturb, Call Line Identification Selection, Call pull/push, Colleague Pick-up, Blind/Attended Call Transfer or Ad-hoc Conference Calling.

These applications are available for desktop web browsers, mobile web browsers, smartphones/tablets using Android/iOS and native programs for PC/Mac/Linux. The solution is also integrated with desktop SIP Phones and includes an Operator Console service, allowing call operators to visually manage shared call queues and efficiently transfer the caller to a contact in the company directory.

By conveying a complete package of applications, the end-users have the capability to use any device of their choice for communication and collaboration.

This solution has been deployed by Vodafone in UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Czech Republic.

Mobile Sites Generator

A new mobile site in three steps

This solution provides an end-to-end content management system to create mobile web sites. It includes a backend server handling the customer sessions, cache control mechanisms and content storage in the database, as well as a management web back-office where the user creates new mobile web sites, manages the page flow, uploads contents and tests the mobile site rendering. The rendering layer provides an adaptable interface for feature phones, smartphones and tablets.

The Mobile Sites Generator also includes a XML based protocol to integrate external content from 3rd parties into mobile web sites, without additional development. Users can rollout mobile sites in three simple steps:

  • Create the site
  • Manage and review content
  • Publish

Mobile Sites Generator is the ideal solution for companies that want to become agile in rolling out mobile sites for product campaigns, promotions or catalogues.

This solution is already available at Vodafone Portugal and is currently managing over 70 mobile sites.

Mobile Self-Care

Avoid useless calls in your call center

Designed for companies that want to improve the efficiency in their call center, thus reducing costs and increasing the perception of quality, WIT Mobile Self-Care is an end-to-end platform that includes a suite of mobile apps for the end user and a server-side component.

The server component provides an abstraction layer for back-end integration and a back-office for app configuration. In the back-office, it is possible to define the options that will be available in the mobile app, according to end-user segments. It is also possible to enable the activation of marketing promotions and manage pages with product information for cross-selling within the mobile app.

For the end-user, apps allow performing common tasks that would usually require a call to the call center: tariff change, add-ons configuration, check loyalty points and much more.

By empowering the end-user to perform most common tasks through an app, the call center will be able to focus on more important calls, improving the average response time and boosting the call center efficiency.

This solution includes clients for iOS, Android, Mobile Web and legacy browsers. During 2014, support for Tablets will also be included.

Mobile Self-Care currently live in Vodafone Portugal and UK. This solution can also be rolled out at other Telco companies or industries to optimize the call center efficiency. Such industries may include banking, utilities (water, gas, electricity) and TV.

OSS Dashboard

Access all network alarms in a centralized interface

WIT OSS Dashboard is an unified network alarms monitoring platform.

It comprises a back-end solution that integrates with alarms sources and a front-end solution for web and mobile.

The backend can integrate with alarm sources from GSM, LTE, ADSL or FTTH technologies. The integration is accomplished by periodically polling the sources and aggregating the alarms into a consolidated database.

The web front-end consists of a widgets-based workspace giving the user a consolidated view on the existing alarms, regardless of the source technology they are originated from.

The interface is also designed to support mobile browsers, displaying information through maps with geo-location, chart widgets (line, multi-pie and bars) and table views.

As OSS Dashboard provides a common interface for all alarms, there is no need to have multiple dashboards, each of them displaying information from its own source.

This solution is already live at Vodafone Portugal and is currently providing an integrated interface for alarms from Vodafone Portugal, Spain and UK.

Device Management

Applications that help operators and customers to manage their smartphones

This solution incorporates several applications to help mobile operators to effectively manage the lifecycle of the device in the users’ hands.

On the operator stores, an Android application is available, protecting against customer misuse, performing an overnight device clean-up and preventing destructive user actions. These routines guarantee the best possible user experience on the shop for all customers and minimizes maintenance effort.

The out-of-the-box experience is also enhanced on Android devices by presenting a welcome wizard that allows the customer to setup correctly and effectively his recently acquired device.

For the management of the operator services on Android devices, WIT has developed an application that allows installing and upgrading the operator’s portfolio of applications. This application also protects the user device by providing remote backup, finding, locking and wiping user data in the case of loss or theft. The application can also be used by mobile operators to send rich notifications to the customers with relevant information about campaigns, promotions or announcements.

For the management of the complete device portfolio, WIT has also developed a database of handset characteristics. This is a collaboration tool for distinct operator teams, which provides internal web services that allow other systems to take advantage of this information.

This solution has been commercially deployed across 17 Vodafone operators and serves several millions of customers.

WAP Gateway

Cost-effective solution to manage cellular data HTTP traffic

This is a unique solution for managing the mobile operator cellular HTTP data traffic. It comprises an HTTP/HTTPS proxy, a WAP 1.x gateway and a Push-Proxy Gateway.

The HTTP proxy performs traffic routing and header enrichment based on the RADIUS information collected from the GPRS support node (GGSN). The header enrichment is a secure and automatic mechanism to authenticate mobile subscribers on whitelisted sites such as self-care portals, other operator web services or even third party services (if previous authorization is given by the customer). This can also be achieved on the iPhone, where only one APN (internet) is supported. Header enrichment is not allowed for HTTPS traffic.

The Push-Proxy Gateway allows converting PAP XML requests in Push Service Indication messages mainly used for MMS messages.

The WAP 1.x gateway provides compatibility for devices with legacy WAP protocol and web sites developed in WML.

WAP Gateway has been commercially deployed in Vodafone Portugal and Vodafone Spain, serving all HTTP, HTTPS and MMS traffic of these two operators.

SMS Broadcast

Open Mobile Messaging to SME-S

SMS Broadcast allows mobile operators to open their SMS and MMS services to small and medium enterprises (SME). This solution, designer for the operator’s business segment, is specially useful for SMS/MMS campaigns and polls.

Once the SME (customer) purchases the service, access to the SMS Broadcast web site (hosted by the operator) wil be granted. With this web application, the customer will be able to create SMS and MMS campaigns, upload lists of recipients and manage the user replies. Sending SMS messages with alphanumeric originator is also possible and provides a better identification of the sender. For more demanding customers that require custom integrations, a powerful SOAP API is also available.

This solution can be easily deployed on mobile operators and in a short timeframe since the integration work is mainly around the connection to the SMSC and MMSC.

It has been commercially deployed in Vodafone Portugal and has been a significant success among SME, especially those in retail who value direct, simple, efficient and cheap communication with high number of customers.

SMS Router

Allow a powerful and flexible management of SMS traffic

The SMS Router is a gateway between Value Added Service Providers (VASPs) and Mobile Operators SMSCs. It distributes the application-to-person SMS traffic among the several Mobile Operator’s SMSCs and provides a central point for control, like restricting the 3rd Parties that can connect to SMSCs; it also applies traffic filters such as message rate and day limits, allowed originators, time of day allowance, SMS message type, among many others.

This solution is also able to perform load balancing based on traffic rules, availability of the SMSC and destination MSISDN. It is transparent for the VAS as well as the SMSCs, therefore no modifications are required to the existing VASs or SMSCs for them to work with the SMS Router.

It is built on high performance software architecture and is able to deliver several thousands of text messages per second on a single COTS server, running Linux.

This solution is live in Vodafone Portugal for over 8 years with an availability rate over 99.999%.

Mobile Banking

Your phone is your bank interface

This app was designed for banks that want to deliver their customers a mobile user interface to access bank accounts and perform daily banking tasks. It provides access to the list of accounts, account details, account balance, statements, personal finance manager (PFM) and credit card information, card operations like cash-advance, money transfers or peer to peer payments (P2P).

This solution integrates with the back-end through a REST interface and provides support for retail and corporate banking.

It offers an alternative to brick-and-mortar and web-based banking. For the end-user it provides a ubiquitous interface allowing bank operations to be performed anywhere.

The app is already available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Mobile Web Browsers. It is rolled-out at Millennium BCP and ActivoBank in Portugal and also in Millennium Banks in Poland, Romania and Angola.

Investment Apps

Stock trading solution for mobile devices

Investment Apps is a stock trading app for bank customers, allowing them to keep-up with stock markets evolution and to perform stock trading in real-time. The app interacts with the back-end to manage the bank customer’s stock portfolio and perform trading operations.

By using this app, the-end user can search available stock indexes, view the details of any index or a particular stock, check real-time stock values, view the status of his portfolio and issue or buy and sell orders.

This solution is already commercialy deployed in two banks in Portugal: ActivoBank and Millennium BCP. It is currently available for iOS; the Android version is scheduled to be released in 2014.

Customer Engagement Tool

A customer registration tool for banks

This tool is designed for bank sales force and allows them to engage with potential bank customers, even if they are not physically at the bank.

It consists of a mobile app for iOS that enables bank sales agents to perform customer registration anywhere. This app provides a catalogue of the available banking services and products, with photos, videos and textual descriptions. The banking product information can be managed in a back-office and is downloaded by the app in real-time.

The app allows the sales agent to gather all the required information for the new customer registration and take pictures of any requested documents like the driver’s license, identity card or passport.

This solution is currently live at ActivoBank, in Portugal. It can be deployed at any bank that wants their customer registration process to become mobile.

Energy Monitoring

Optimize household electricity consumption

The Energy Monitoring solution is targeted for electricity companies’ end-users, allowing them to remotely control their home energy.

It consists of a mobile app available for iOS and Android that integrates with a remote server, where the utility centralizes information collected from the customer’s house, in real-time. It helps optimizing household energy consumption by giving the customer the ability to remotely check the instantaneous power usage, define outlet profiles and turn off/on power outlets.

By being able to evaluate the power consumption and communicate in real-time with their end-users, electricity providers can optimize their network and perform a more thorough dimensioning of the power grid, thus optimizing costs.

This solution is already rolled-out at EDP, Portugal.

Customer Care

Avoid useless calls in your call center

This is a mobile self-care solution targeted for utilities companies. It consists of a mobile app for iOS and Android, which integrates with the utility company back-end for customer account integration.

It empowers the end-user to perform tasks such as checking their account balance, viewing past bills and change their tariff plan. By using this solution, the load in call centers will reduce since the most common call center calls are usually related to tasks that the user can perform with this app.

Call center operators will thus be able to focus on most important issues, increasing the perception of call center quality and saving costs. This solution also provides a powerful tool to cross-sell products to customers, through promotions and campaigns.

This solution is already rolled-out at EDP, in Portugal.

TV Widgets Platform

The TV App Store for Telco IPTV Operators.

TV Widgets Platform is an end-to-end solution for Mediaroom Operators to provide their customers with an App Dashboard on TV, which allow users to launch the following TV Widgets: Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports (NFL, MLB and NBA), Weather, Yahoo! News and Calendar. Other TV Widgets can be added to the App Dashboard.

This solution also comprises a web-based Back-Office interface to manage the repository of TV Widgets that are available on the TV App Dashboard and provides access to app usage reports.

Additionally, there is an SDK which allows 3rd party vendors to integrate their TV Widgets with our platform, in order to take advantage of:

  • a centralized caching mechanism to provide better Quality of Experience on TV
  • a Media Proxy engine for adapting Internet content to the STB capabilities
  • an API for analytics
  • the Users Management component, which allows the creation of several users per household, each user their own personal configurations, per example, associate the Facebook account to a specific user on TV

The TV Widgets Platform integrates with Ericsson Mediaroom IPTV Solution and it is commercially deployed in CenturyLink (USA).

TV Communications

Expand the convergence of mobile/fixed communications to the TV set

This solution enables Mobile Operators to provide their customers rich and unified communications between smartphone/tablet devices and the Television.

Users will be able to make video sharing from their smartphone to the TV. In addition, users are able to send messages to the TV in the form of TV notes as well as sharing local videos, photos and music content either when in/out of home – like Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

This solution from WIT is patent-pending and is compliant with the RCS5.1 specifications from GSMA. It is currently available for Mediaroom Operators.

Notifications Platform

Deliver on-screen messages to targeted IPTV clients.

The Notifications Platform provides an end-to-end solution that enables Mediaroom Operators to deliver on-screen messages to targeted TV clients for marketing and operational purposes. The solution supports the following types of notifications:

  • Push notifications: these notifications are delivered to the STB and displayed on TV, irrespective of what is being watched.
  • Event trigger notifications: these notifications are contextual and depend on what the customer is watching. The notification appears when user is watching a specific TV Channel, the Program title contains a specific keyword, Closed caption contains a specific keyword or entering on a given TV App.

IPTV Customer Support System

View and Manage the Customer’s TV Configurations from a single Web interface.

This solution aims to provide the Call-Center personnel with a unique and simple web-based user interface for managing customer related IPTV information fetched from different sources.

The IPTV Customer Support System aggregates the most relevant capabilities of the IPTV system and provides all information per Customer related to:

  • STBs/Devices
  • Device Groups
  • Accounts
  • Subscriber Groups
  • TV Channels
  • Channel EPG
  • Manage L2V Categories
  • Stream Management Profile Credit Limit
  • Billing Records
  • Rented Movies

This solution integrates with Ericsson Mediaroom IPTV platform and it is currently deployed on Vodafone Portugal.

EPG & Channel Management System

Unified EPG and Catch-up TV information available for multiple screens

This solution allows Mediaroom Operators to define a set of business rules when purchasing TV channels, but also provides an effective way to guarantee the consistency of EPG data and manages a unique EPG containing TV Catch-up data to be used across all screens. It comprises a Back-End subsystem with the following main features:

  • Import EPG data (either a GLF file upload or EPG server).
  • Validate EPG for errors and inconsistencies. Invalid EPG files will not go to production environment
  • Generates a unique EPG data including catch-up TV (last 7 days).
  • API available for multiple platforms (e.g. mobile, PC, TV).
  • Create package of TV Channels.
  • Configure Future Channel Recording (catch-up).
  • Define Black-out channels.
  • API available for multiple platforms (e.g. mobile, PC, TV).

This solution integrates with Ericsson Mediaroom IPTV Platform and it is currently deployed on Vodafone Portugal.

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