The RCS Landscape

The RCS initiative from the GSMA is intended to provide a specification for future IP-based messaging, voice and multi-media services, through which mobile operators will be able to remain relevant as a service provider in the face of the threat from OTT players. RCS is predicated around the MSISDN as the key end user identity, and defines a uniform set of capabilities around chat, group chat, file transfer and in-call content sharing that are interoperable across all mobile operators (like SMS) and across native RCS delivered on OEM devices.

The specification includes the RCS CPR profile, which defines an interoperable operator service covering legacy SMS, IP messaging, voice and video, across downloadable apps for smartphones, tablets, web and TV, and that is interoperable with native RCS from device OEMs. CPR introduced Enhanced Calling allowing the transformation of the user experience around voice calling.

Most recently, GSMA Universal Profile, supported by Google, to unify the regional variances of RCS and to accelerate the mass-market reach of RCS in all Android devices. Whilst not aiming to extend the feature set of RCS, Universal Profile will simplify, unify and lay the foundation for future A2P BOT services to be offered to RCS communities.

Opportunities provided by RCS for mobile operators are:

  • To remain relevant as a service provider (rather than just be an access provider) in the face of the cannibalisation of messaging revenues from the OTT players.
  • To offer a forward path for legacy messaging (like SMS and MMS), and to extend the reach of messaging and voice services to tablets, web and TV.
  • To take advantage of new propositions like Enhanced Calling and VoWiFi, preventing the future cannibalisation of voice revenues by OTT players.
  • To exploit their combined 4.7bn users by offering conversational services through the RCS service using A2P BOTs.

On the smartphone space, there is a wide range of vendors providing applications for RCS as the focus of the industry is still on the smartphones. Several device manufacturers are including a vanilla version of RCS into their high-end devices. Google itself joined the RCS ecosystem. Apple is still not in the game, and WIT is the solid provider of RCS apps for iOS. WIT is leveraging its state of the art RCS Stack to build an intuitive and easy to use interface for both Android and iOS devices as a complete communication application that can be launched by Mobile Operators.

WIT Communications Suite Diagram

WIT Mobile Communicator

Discovery and Activation

Auto-configuration mechanism over Cellular Network and Wi-Fi

Provisioning Push

Support for Dual SIM

Registration link over SMS [innovation]

Contacts and Capabilities

Contact discovery and service capabilities using SIP Options

Fast Contact Discovery [innovation]

New Contact Availability Alert

Integrated with device address book

Local blacklist

Ringtones and alerts per contact

Rich Profile information [innovation]

Network Address Book [innovation]


1-to-1 Chat with Integrated Messaging

SMS Interworking

Group Chat and Group Chat Picture [innovation]

Store and Forward

“isTyping” and Delivery Notifications

Support for Push Notifications [innovation]

Share conversation history [innovation]

Common Message Store [innovation]


Content Sharing (Audio Clips, Images, Location, Video, Contacts)

Quick Share (Images, Audio and Video) [innovation]

Stickers Store [innovation], Static, Animated and Selfie Stickers [innovation]

Emoticons and Emojis

Photo sketch and filters [innovation]

Share from Dropbox, Google Images and YouTube [innovation]

File Transfer over HTTP (support for receiving over MSRP), in a Group Chat or Store and Forward

Recent Media Exchange

Enriched Calling

Pre-Call (Subject, Photo, Location and Urgency), for CS calls, IP Voice calls and IP Video Calls

In-call video share, sketch on picture and sketch on map

Enriched Call logs

Leave a voice message for unattended calls

HD Voice (IR.92) and Video (IR.94) Calls

Call Transfer [innovation] and third-party calls [innovation]

Audio Codecs – AMR-NB, AMR-WB, Opus, Speex, G711 (PCMA and PCMU), GSM, G723, G729, G721, G722, iLBC and others)

Video Codecs – VP8, H.264

Geo-location Push

Current location

Place on map

Favourite places

Nearby places [innovation]

Show us on map

Web Companion

Support Web Companion [innovation]

WIT RCS Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and Tablets, PCs and Web Browsers. It is a truly multi- platform package with support for secondary interfaces, a Network Address Book with contact sync and a Common Message Store for message sync across devices.


Message synchronization.


Simultaneous ringing


Address Book Sync


Phone number is the key identity

RCS and Rich VoLTE

Seamless transition from SMS/CS-Voice to IP Communications, providing the path to deliver rich communications on top of VoLTE and across multiple platforms. RCS also enables video capabilities to support the launch of ViLTE.

WIT Message +

Message +

An integrated messaging app, fully compliant with RCS specs, targeted to compete with iMessage, but available on multiple platforms (Android and iOS).

Enriched Calling

A whole new experience in voice calling, advancing the user experience with pre-call, in-call and post-call capabilities. A firm step towards Rich VoLTE whilst fully compliant with GSMA Specs.

Enriched Calling


Increase network coverage by off loading traffic from cellular network to Wi-Fi. Offer subscribers an alternative to Skype when roaming and the capability to make and receive calls through the web.

WIT PC Communicator

WIT PC Communicator on an Apple Thunderbolt Display

WIT PC Communicator (WPC) is an RCS end-point that allows users to easily communicate, on Windows and Mac, as part of their everyday communications. WPC provides a single interface experience for messaging, calling and sharing connected to an Operator network allowing not only IP communications (voice and text) but also interoperability with legacy SMS and CS calls.

WIT PC Communicator has been developed to complement the RCS service on smartphones already provided by several Mobile Operators worldwide. Working in a multi-device environment or as a standalone solution, the application leverages the keyboard and big screen to provide the best user experience.

WIT Web Communicator & Web Companion

WIT Web Companion

WIT Web Companion is a web application that connects to the RCS app on the smartphone to provide the first step into a multi-device experience.

  • RCS on desktop browsers.
  • Simple pairing between RCS app and web page using QR code.
  • Allows file sharing from/to desktop storage.
  • SMS & Calls managed on desktop device.
  • Notifications synchronization.
WIT Web Communicator

WIT Web Communicator is an ‘out-of-the-box’ RCS web application fully built with HTML5 and CSS3 aiming to be supported by as many browsers as possible. It connects to the Mobile Operator’s network through the WIT WebRTC Gateway and provides a full featured secondary interface to the RCS user.

WIT RCS Server Platform

WIT RCS Server Platform
WIT Communication Application Server

SIP Registrar

IM Server (including Store & Forward)

Call routing

Options AS

Security & privacy

High availability and scalability

Management Console

A2P Gateway

IMS Integration

Delivery via RCS and SMS

Operator Account and Official Accounts

Campaign Management

SLA & Throttling Control

Common Message Store

Message Synchronization

Call log and settings synchronization

BOT Platform

Discovery and Bot Store

Bot Identity

Content Adaptation

User Profile and Sentiment Analysis

Network Address Book

Backup and synchronization of contacts

Sticker Store

Featured Stickers

Integrated with Android and iOS in-app purchase systems

Management Console

Auto-Configuration Server

Provisioning and configuration

Fast Contact Discovery

Mandatory App updates

Management Console

WIT Analytics

API for receiving events

Data manipulation and storing

Real-time information, pre-defined and customized reports

Push Notifications Gateway

Integration with Firebase Cloud Messaging

Integration with Apple Push Notifications Service.

VoIP Push Notifications.

A2P & BOT Platform

WIT Communication Application Server

SIP Registrar

IM Server (including Store & Forward)

Call routing

Options AS

Security & privacy

High availability and scalability

Management Console

A2P Gateway

IMS Integration

Delivery via RCS and SMS

Operator Account and Official Accounts

Campaign Management

SLA & Throttling Control

Common Message Store

Message Synchronization

Call log and settings synchronization

Deployment of RCS

RCS Server Platform can be deployed in two main options – On a Pre-IMS network or on an IMS Network

RCS on a Pre IMS Network Diagram
  • Standalone RCS Application Server
  • 3rd Party SBC
  • Subscriber S-CSCF functions like registrar, subscriber database queries and SIP routing
  • Auto-Configuration Server
  • Internode communication to route signaling to appropriate AS node (holding subscriber session)
  • Usually configured to multi-purpose AS
RCS on an IMS Network Diagram
  • ISC Interface
  • Handles 3rd Party Registrations
  • Subscriber database lookup (local or remote)
  • Usually configured as single-purpose AS
  • Custom integration with operator network
  • Auto-Configuration Server
  • WIT RCS applications or native RCS devices
WIT Message +

What is the Universal Profile?

The Universal Profile, published in November 2016, is a globally agreed, single GSMA specification from which Operator advanced communications services are being built.

It contains a set of Advanced Calling and Messaging features and agreed enablers for innovation – such as application to person messaging (chatbots) and conversational commerce (the seamless integration of transactions and messaging), evolving SMS for 6.7 billion consumers.

As a result of the Universal Profile, most smartphones will ship with a built-in Advanced Messaging app, so consumers will easily be able to text, chat and share media without having to identify and download which apps their contacts are using.

Our Vision for RCS

  • Support MNO’s goal of staying relevant in their customers ‘digital life’.
  • Allow MNOs to preserve their existing SMS A2P revenues, and to extend with innovative new RCS capabilities.
  • Provide the tools for MNOs to curate third-party Bot services to their SMS and RCS communities.
  • Enable MNOs to migrate their SMS community and revenues towards a new and innovative IP-based services.
  • Deliver cost reductions in customer care through the introduction of Bot selfcare.
  • Provide MNOs with the ability to participate in new conversational Bot service revenues for self-care, retail and commerce.
  • Deliver opportunities for new revenue streams based on core strengths of trust, reach and privacy.

We’re recognized as the most experienced company in RCS

  • First Commercial solution was launched in 2007.
  • In 2012, WIT was awarded by GSMA as the Selected Provider for RCSe
  • Launched Android/iPhone RCS apps in Europe in 2012
  • Now offering the richest RCS user experience, including multi-device with CMS and NAB.
  • Products highly optimised through worldwide RCS service launches across all continents.
  • RCS provider to the world’s largest RCS community, Reliance Jio ‘Jio4GVoice’ in India.
  • The only vendor able to offer an end-to-end solution: RCS App Server and RCS Apps from the same vendor.
  • And now adding conversational bots, with the WIT Bot Platform.
WIT recognized around the world.

Monetization opportunities
with WIT RCS Suite

  • RCS drives increased use of data, through rich content sharing, enriched calling and video calling capabilities.
  • In-app purchase of premium-content, like Sticker packs downloaded from the RCS store.
  • Official Accounts capability allows MNOs to monetize brands marketing messages to the SMS and RCS community.
  • Conversational Bots for self-care will reduce OPEX customer care costs and improve retention.
  • Bots for m-commerce and enterprise allow MNOs to participate in new revenue opportunities.

Interested on knowing more about our RCS solutions? Check out our detailed PDF or get in touch with us.