Voice over Wi-Fi

No more network coverage problems

What is it?

VoWiFi is designed to help Mobile Operators off-load mobile traffic from cellular to Wi-Fi networks, while maintaining the best possible call quality. The solution allows subscribers to continue using the mobile phone with poor mobile coverage, and while in roaming by being connected to Wi-Fi networks.

It provides mobile operators with new revenue opportunities from their voice services across Tablets, PC and web. WIT provides an end-to-end solution, comprising apps for smartphones, Tablets and Web Browsers, as well as a VoWiFi Application Server.

Our solution allows the subscriber to select the Wi-Fi networks where they want to make and receive voice calls and SMS messages. These whitelisted Wi-Fi networks extend the reach for the mobile operators voice services. Their subscribers no longer need to use OTT alternatives like Skype when out of cellular network coverage.

WIT offers the capability for users to experience Calls and SMS from several device end-points, such as smartphones (Android and iPhone), Tablets (Android and iPad), PC (Windows and Mac) and web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer). These end-points can be branded and customized for the mobile operator, with a fast time-to-market and agility to be combined with other services (such as RCS).

  • Modern User Interface
  • Intuitive and Simple to Use
  • Integrated with local Contacts
  • Following OS Guidelines
Whitelist Wi-Fi Network

User select the trusted Wi-Fi networks to use the service.

App registers automatically for VoIP-in and SMS-in when entering whitelisted Wi-Fi networks.

VoIP in

User receives calls inside the App when connected to Wi-Fi.

Can ring sequentially or in parallel on all user devices.

SMS in

WCAS registers message copy in the SMSC.

SMS is received in all registered user devices.

Android app is able to intercept native SMS.

VoIP out

App initiated calls are routed to the CS Network.

User continues to make calls from a phone without cellular network coverage.

User can also make calls from the PC, Tablet and Web browser.

SMS out

Send text messages from a phone without cellular network coverage, by using a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Send text messages also from the PC, Tablet and Web browser.

Multi-device VoWiFi

iPhone, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, Windows, Mac and all Web browsers.

VoWiFi can be deployed in two architectures:

WIT Application Server as a standalone application server in a Pre-IMS network
WCAS integrates with the SMSC to ensure delivery and reception of SMS messages. The application server also sets the HLR and SCP for an accurate routing of calls.

The solution includes a WebRTC Gateway for web end-points, a Network Address Book and a Common Message Store for a multi-device experience.

Pre-IMS Architecture

Pre-IMS Architecture
  • Standalone Application Server
  • 3rd party SBC and Load Balancer
  • Auto-Configuration Server
  • Common Message Store
  • Network Address Book
  • WebRTC Gateway
  • Integration with SMSC
  • Integration with Media Gateway

WIT’s Application Servers integrated with the IMS Core
VoWiFi Apps connect directly to the IMS Core. Web end-points connect through the WebRTC Gateway.
The IMS Core is responsible for routing both SMS and calls to the Apps when needed.

IMS Network

IMS Network
  • ISC Interface
  • Handles 3rd party Registration
  • Auto-Configuration Server
  • Common Message Store
  • Network Address Book
  • WebRTC Gateway

VoWiFi solves real problems

  • Cellular networks are rapidly becoming saturated
  • Poor in-building coverage
  • Cannot use the PC or Tablet to make calls or send text messages
VoWiFi Real Problems
VoWiFi Real Problems

Benefits for Mobile Operators

  • Offload traffic from cellular network to Wi-Fi
  • Increase network coverage
  • Reduce cost in femtocells or repeaters
  • Offer an alternative to Skype, and use tariff minutes
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Benefits for Subscribers

  • No more need to rely on Skype
  • No more network coverage problems
  • Calls and messages across multiple devices
  • Ability to call anyone and be reached anywhere with own phone number
VoWiFi Real Problems
VoWiFi Real Problems

Monetization opportunities with VoWiFi

  • Offer competitive roaming service compared to Skype
  • Increase revenues from subscribers travelling overseas
  • Improved service quality and coverage will reduce churn