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What is it?

It is a white-label product for Mobile Operators, fully compliant with GSMA RCS5.1 specs, comprising a suite of RCS Apps for smartphones, tablets, PC and Web browsers, as well as a full-feature RCS Application Server – the key elements required for fast time-to-market and agile evolution of RCS services.

RCS5.1 is the latest specification from GSMA for the standard of Rich Communications. It represents the industry proposition for IP messaging and IP voice and video, designed to combat the erosion of revenues driven by the OTT Apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, WeChat and many others. RCS is future-proof since it leverages the same IMS investments of VoLTE and it creates the basis for an all-IP world of communication.

Key differentiation for the WIT RCS Suite:

  • Strong alignment with the evolution of the RCS specs, assuring a future-proof solution
  • Flexibility to deploy in either pre-IMS or IMS-based architectures
  • Apps and Platform from the same vendor resulting in the best user experience
  • Faster time-to-market with lower cost
RCS Suite Puzzle
Application Server

RCS Application Server

The Application Server is fully-compliant with RCS5.1 and well aligned with the evolution of the RCS specifications. The Server can be deployed in an IMS infrastructure as an IMS Application Server. It can also be deployed in a Pre-IMS environment, working as a full-featured Application Server in a simpler configuration just with the companion of an SBC. WIT has commercial deployments of the RCS Application Server across Europe.

Mobile Apps

RCS Mobile Apps

Our suite includes a set of mobile apps that leverage a common RCS Stack:

  • WIT RCS5.1 Apps: available for Android, iOS, iPad, Android Tablets
  • WIT Message2: an integrated messaging app, fully compliant with RCS5.1 specs, targeted to compete with apps like Apple iMessage, but available for multi-platforms
  • WIT LOTT: a mobile VoIP and IP-messaging app for the residential market
  • WIT RCS Enterprise: a set of mobile apps for the enterprise market (smartphones and tablets), that leverages some of the features of RCS with features of unified communications and telephony services
Application Server

RCS PC/Web Apps

Our suite also includes RCS5.1 apps for PCs and Web browsers:

  • WIT PC Communicator: available for Windows (Mac and Linux are in the roadmap)
  • WIT Web Communicator: available for all the web browsers in the market. It makes use of WebRTC protocols, for WebRTC-compliant browsers and Adobe Flash protocols for legacy browsers
Mobile Apps

RCS Stack

Our RCS stack is fully compliant with RCS5.1. It is a good enabler for 3rd party developers and OEMs to accelerate the inclusion of rich communications features on their apps. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X.

WIT RCS Suite: the most complete RCS product portfolio in the market!

WIT RCS 5.1 Apps

  • Chat 1-to-1
  • Group Chat
  • Content share (images, video, location, contacts)
  • Integrated Messaging (IP, SMS and MMS)
  • File Transfer (over MSRP and HTTP)
  • vCard exchange
  • Geo-Location Push
  • Voice and Video clips
  • HD IP Voice Calls
  • IP Video Calls (with video orientation)
  • In-call content sharing (Image, Video, Location)
  • Emoticons/Emojis
  • Support for Apple Push Notifications
  • Chat Stickers
  • Picture Sketch and Filters
  • Personalization (wallpapers, font size)
  • Capabilities exchange using Presence
  • OMA CPM Standalone Message (pager-mode)
  • Full Support for Secondary Devices
  • Network Address Book
  • Central Message Store

Leverage the use of RCS through a compelling UI/UX:

  • Usage tips
  • Chat stickers
  • Picture sketches
  • Photo stickers
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers
  • Rich content sharing
  • Social integration (facebook)
  • In-app download of premium content
  • In-app support for games
Discovery and Activation

1. Auto-configuration mechanism over Cellular Network and Wi-Fi
2. UI/UX controlled by Operator
3. Provisioning Push

Contacts and Capabilities

1. Contact discovery and service capabilities using SIP Options
2. Integrated with device address book.
3. Local blacklist

Geo-location Push

1. Share location during chat and call
2. Current location. Place on map. My locations
3. Show us on map

IP Calls

1. HD Voice (IR.92) and Video (IR.94) Calls
2. In-call sharing (Image, Video, Location), contacts and more
3. Upgrade and downgrade of IP Calls (voice to video and video to voice)
4. Voice and video messages
5. Audio Codecs – AMR-NB, AMR-WB, Skype Silk, Speex, G711 (PCMA and PCMU), GSM, G723, G729, G721, G722, iLBC and others)
6. Video Codecs – H.264 video code (Baseline and Constrained Baseline profiles at level 1.3 and above). The application can use the native H.264 codec(avoiding royalties)


1. 1-to-1 Chat with Integrated Messaging
2. SMS Interworking
3. Group Chat
4. Content Sharing (Images, Location, Video, Contacts)
5. Stickers, Emoticons and Emojis
6. Store and Forward
7. Delivery Notifications

File Transfer

1. File Transfer (MSRP and HTTP)
2. File Transfer in Group Chat
3. File Transfer Store and Forward

Extra Features

1. Chat Stickers for Funny Messaging
2. Photo sketch and filters
3. Personalization (Themes, Wallpapers, Font Size)
4. Push Notifications
5. Social Integration (Facebook)
6. Mobile Advertising
7. In-App Purchase of Premium Content and Games
8. Capabilities Exchange using Presence
9. OMA CPM Standalone Message (pager-mode)
10. Full Support for Secondary Devices
11. Network Address Book
12. Central Message Store

Support for Multi-Platform


WIT RCS Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and Tablets, PCs and Web Browsers. It is a truly multi-platform package with support for secondary devices, a Network Address Book with contact sync and a Content Message Store for message sync across devices.

  • Dual Message Delivery
  • Dual Ringing
  • Network Address Book
  • Message History Sync

Available For:

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Android Logo

WIT Message2

Message Plus

For those Operators that do not want to launch Voice-over-IP, while CS voice is still the main source of revenue, we have created a lightweight version of RCS, called WIT Message2.

This proposition is only IP messaging, tightly integrated with legacy messaging (SMS, MMS).

WIT Message2 is as powerful as the iMessage service from Apple but it is available in Android and iOS platforms and is compliant with Telecom Standards.

IMS Award


  • Smooth transition from SMS to RCS
  • Integrated Inbox
  • Unified Composer (Chat/SMS/MMS)
  • Reliable Delivery
  • SMS and IP interworking
  • SMS break-out and break-in
  • Group Chat and SMS Broadcast
  • Content sharing (location, images, video, clips)
  • Chat heads
  • Is Typing, Sent, Delivered and Read notifications
  • Chat Wallpapers
  • Emoticons and Emojis
  • Chat Stickers
  • Photo Stickers and Photo Frames
  • Support for in-app purchases
Message Plus Android

Enriched Calling

Enriched Calling

Enriched Calling is a work-in-progress specification of GSMA and it provides a whole new experience in voice calling, advancing the user experience with pre-call, in-call and post-call capabilities. Pre-call capabilities allow users to add a subject for the call, a location and a picture that adds extra information that will be seen by the recipient of the call.

Setting the importance of the call is another enhancement to the pre-call experience allowing users to identify the call as urgent with a single button. Whilst talking, both sides of the call are able to share content like pictures, videos, locations and music.

Unanswered and rejected calls are also improved with the inclusion of call completion capabilities that allow the user to leave a voice or text message on the other side’s enriched call log


  • Call Composer

    Subject, Image, Location and Importance

  • In Call Services

    Images, Videos, Music, Maps and Games

  • Upgrade to Video Call
  • Call completion

    Voice-clip or text on missed calls

  • Enhanced Call Log


Message Plus Android


  • Landline Phone goes anywhere with you
  • Keep your landline Caller-ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Same Rates as your landline
  • Free LOTT-to-LOTT calls anywhere in the world
  • HD Voice
  • Voice Call Quality and fall-back to GSM
  • Block undesired calls
  • Embedded Yellow Pages
  • Visual Voicemail
  • IP Messaging
  • Push Notifications for Incoming Calls
  • Push Notifications for Messages
  • Presence-based routing
  • Identity-based routing
  • Interoperability with Softswicthes and IMS Networks

WIT RCS Enterprise

Message Plus Android


  • Secure and Reliable Messaging
  • HD Audio and Video
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Recording
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Telephony Services: Call hold, Transfer, Park, Push, Pull
  • Integrated IP Messaging and SMS with delivery notification
  • Messaging and Communication History Synchronization
  • Company Address Book Integration
  • Real-Time Presence Information
  • Sharing of Content: image, video, location
  • Self-Care Integration
  • CRM Services Integration
  • Available for Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and Web
  • Identity-based routing
  • Interoperability with Softswicthes and IMS Networks


Message Plus Android


  • Simple, easy-to-use API for OEM’s and developers
  • RCS 5.1 compliant
  • Cross Platform (C/C++)
  • Multi-Language API (Java, Objective-C, C#)
  • Modular Architecture based on services and plugins
  • Features dynamically activated through auto-configuration
  • Faster UI/UX adaptation and customization
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Improved Performance
  • Faster creation of new features, across all platforms (including Windows Phone and Blackberry)
  • Future-proof supporting evolution of RCS

WIT PC Communicator

PC Communicator

RCS Features

  • Capability Discovery over SIP OPTIONS
  • Chat 1-to-1 (including Is Typing, delivery notifications)
  • Group Chat
  • File Transfer
  • IP Voice Calls with VoIP breakout
  • IP Video Calls
  • Location Share
  • vCard Exchange

Extra Features

  • Network Address Book
  • SMS/MMS over IP
  • Conversational Messaging (SMS/MMS)
  • Break-out of IP Voice Calls to CS Calls
  • Break-in of CS Calls to IP Voice Calls
  • Stickers/Emojis

Available For:

iOS Logo
Android Logo
Android Logo

WIT Web Communicator

WIT Web Communicator

RCS Features

  • Chat 1-to-1
  • File Transfer (over MSRP)
  • IP Voice Calls
  • IP Video Calls
  • Break-out of IP Voice Calls to CS Calls
  • Break-in of CS Calls to IP Voice Calls

Extra Features

  • Network Address Book
  • Central Message Store
  • Stickers
  • Post files on Facebook
  • Send/Receive SMS
  • Web Session link
  • Screen sharing
  • Social Timeline

Message Plus Android

WIT RCS Application Server

RCS Application Server
Auto-Configuration Server (ACS)

1. Implements RCS5.1 HTTP(s) Device Management, allowing an easy configuration of the service functionalities, with or without MSISDN enrichment
2. Support a “zero sign-on” (no subscriber information requested)
3. The ACS has the ability to notify customers of available versions
4. Provides the easiest way to configure the features of each client on real-time based on mobile device, terminal brand, OS version, tariff plan and more
5. Provides an easy way to push new configurations to client devices on-demand

SIP Registrar

1. Authenticates users on a local database or on a remote Authentication Server

IM/Messaging Server

1. Handles 1-to-1 chat, group chat and file transfer, based on SIP/SIMPLE and MSRP/HTTP. Support for SMS and MMS over IP for integration with existing SMSC (SMPP) and MMSC (MM7)
2. Break-out/Break-in of IP Messages to SMS

Central Message Store

1. Allows the storage of user history (messages and content) in a CMS Server, compliant with RCS5.1 specs
2. Provides user history synchronization across multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, PC and Web)

Call Management and Media Relay

1. Management and routing of call signaling
2. Relay of RTP and SRTP protocols, among client applications and operator’s SIP-based network elements
3. Break-out/Break-in of VoIP Calls to CS Calls

Options AS

1. Aggregates capabilities information in multi-device scenarios. Also able to answer the capabilities exchange on behalf of offline users, and provide the last time seen online and other SIP Options extensions

Push Notifications Gateway

1. Includes a Push Notifications Gateway that supports Apple Push Notifications Service, Google Cloud Messaging and SMS UDH messages

Network Address Book

1. Includes a XDM Server implementation providing storage and management of users’ contact list

Presence Server

1. RCS and OMA presence specifications are supported through SIP/SIMPLE and XCAP protocols (towards the XDM Server)

Operation and Maintenance

1. Exposes management data through an SNMP MIB for Server statistics and alarming (SNMP traps). Structured logging is available to enable fast tracking of reported issues to the support teams. Integration with 3rd party OEM dashboards (per example, Splunk)

High Availability and Scalability

1. Horizontal replication of the Application Server, on Active-Active HA configurations
2. HA system provides a transparen, fautl-tolerant and cost-effective way to scale the WIT RCS Application Server

Management Console

1. Backoffice interface for analytics (statistics and performance data), Server management and customer care operations


1. Support for HTTPS, SIPoTLS, MSRPoTLS and SRTP

  • Key Integration points
  • SMSC, to send/receive SMS (SMPP 3.4)
  • MMSC, to send/receive MMS (MM7)
  • Media Gateway/Softswitch for Call Breakout
  • User Provisioning
  • Billing System
  • Customer Care
  • Network Management Dashboard
  • CDRs and Statistics
  • Other OSS/BSS systems

RCS Application Server can be deployed in two main options:

  • As a Hosted or Cloud-based RCS Server
  • As an Application Server in an IMS Core

Standalone and Hosted Solution

RCS Application Server
  • Standalone RCS Application Server
  • 3rd Party SBC
  • Subscriber S-CSCF functions like registrar, subscriber database queries and SIP routing
  • Auto-Configuration Server
  • Internode communication to route signaling to appropriate AS node (holding subscriber session)
  • Usually configured to multi-purpose AS

Deployment in an IMS infrastructure

RCS Application Server
  • ISC Interface
  • Handles 3rd Party Registrations
  • Subscriber database lookup (local or remote)
  • Usually configured as single-purpose AS
  • Custom integration with operator network
  • Auto-Configuration Server
  • WIT RCS applications or native RCS devices
Our Vision

What is RCS?

RCS is the most advanced communication proposition from the Mobile Industry, design to combat the erosion of revenues driven by the OTT apps. RCS is about ubiquity, global interoperability, quality of service, security and privacy.

RCS is future-proof solution since it leverages the same IMS investments of VoLTE and it creates the basis for an all-IP world of communication. The combination of RCS and VoLTE is known as Rich VoLTE, in which RCS adds in-call content sharing capabilities and advanced IP messaging.

WIT Vision for RCS

  • Encourage seamless transition from SMS/MMS and legacy voice towards Rich IP communications
  • Provide an agile RCS framework to compete with OTT Apps
  • Create monetization opportunities with the RCS Apps
  • Follow the trends of IP and social messaging
  • Create value-added communication services
  • Prepare the path for Rich VoLTE services
  • Preserve the MSISDN as the key identity for communications
Our Vision
Our Vision

WIT is recognized as the most experienced company in RCS

  • First Commercial solution was launched in 2007
  • In 2012, WIT was awarded by GSMA as the Selected Provider for RCSe
  • Launched Android/iPhone RCS apps in Europe in 2012
  • First to achieve GSMA Full Accreditation on joyn Blackbird (for downloadable applications)
  • First to support Central Message Store and Message sync (including SMS) to provide a truly multi-device support
  • 13-year experience in Mobile VoIP, Unified Communications and IMS Applications
  • WIT has the agility to innovate and create value
  • WIT provides an end-to-end solution: RCS App Server and RCS Apps from the same vendor

Monetization opportunities with WIT RCS Suite

  • Revenues through extra data-plans and message bundles
  • Support for in-app purchase of premium-content in a RCS store
  • Innovative models of mobile advertising using RCS
  • RCS plug-ins for vertical solutions
  • RCS for Enterprise

Fundamental Questions about RCS

If you are looking for answers to some of these fundamental questions before launching RCS, please contact us.

  • Why should you launch RCS?
  • What will be the cost of opportunity if you don’t launch RCS?
  • Why partnering with OTTs is not a good idea?
  • How can you differentiate from the OTTs?
  • Is joyn relevant as a consumer brand
  • How to monetize RCS?
  • How are the deployment scenarios for RCS?
  • How to promote engagement from the end-user?
  • How to deploy RCS for on-net and off-net subscribers?
  • How does WebRTC relate to RCS?
  • How RCS will evolve and integrate with VoLTE?

Interested on knowing more about RCS? Check out a detailed PDF or get in touch with us.

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