Whats is our product?

“See What I See” is a turnkey OTT solution that enables Cable and IPTV Operators to offer live video streaming experiences on the TV service. Users are able to share videos from a mobile device to the TV screen. It captures and sends real-time video stored on device or from the mobile device’s camera.

WIT developed the software platform that works with Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad devices; user’s content is delivered to an IPTV/OTT set-top box. There are some server-side components that need to be installed in the Operator/Cloud infrastructure.

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Cast Videos, Photos and Music directly to the TV

Broadcast Live and archived events from your Mobile to the Television

  • Share your story as it happens
  • In the mobile App, select the friends before starting to broadcast. Only the Broadcaster needs to use the SWIS App
  • Friends can watch the video on Television by accessing the TV App from the Operator’s TV App Store

Never miss a moment on TV

Videos are archived and watchable for a limited period of time after being broadcast

Never miss a moment on TV

Main Features

Share your story as it happens
Share your story as it happens

Stream real-time video using device’s camera to the TV. Mobile can also capture live video from a GoPro camera.

Integration with native contacts list

Share video with any contact stored in the device’s address book. Friends can be notified by SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Push Notification on TV.

Watch live video anywhere, when abroad
Watch live video anywhere, when abroad

Available on PC and Mobile. Don’t need to use the SWIS App to watch the content.

Support for multiple devices
Support for multiple devices

iOS and Android apps for phones and tablets. The iOS App also integrates with GoPro camera.

Set-Top Boxes: Ericsson Mediaroom and Android TV compliant devices.

Mobile/PC: Web App for Internet Browser.

The rationale of TV Everywhere

Television is increasingly part of a multi-screen experience. Users are keener to watch video content on their portable devices and they want to have the complete freedom to select the content. Laptops, smartphones and tablets are more and more used as companion devices while watching and they are used as the primary device to watch TV anywhere outside the living room.

We believe that personal devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops can play an important role in the TV business and we want to help the TV Operators to leverage the power of TV-Everywhere.

The Solution

We developed a white-label software product for TV Operators who want to provide a TV Everywhere solution to their customers and provide the best entertainment and communication experience with the TV set. The product includes a suite of apps for iPhone and Android smartphones, iPad and Android Tablets and for Internet Browsers.

We are able to provide a turn-key and solution to support the entire video workflow from content acquisition, ingesting, transcoding, protecting and delivery to the client apps.

Extend the reach of TV service in/outside home

Companion Devices
TV Recommendations

Take advantage of Facebook Friend’s interests to provide personalised and social recommendations. Also provide suggestions based on collaborative filtering – “Who rented this also rented…”.

Cast Cloud and Local media to the TV

Browse User-Generated Content available on Internet sites or stored on device and send to TV with a one-click button

Augmented EPG and VOD metadata

The seamless integration with Internet sources like Rotten Tomatoes, The Movie Database and Facebook leverage the richness of premium content with additional information

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Companion Apps for Android, iOS and Web Browsers

Our TV Everywhere product allows an easy discovery and consumption of TV Content across smartphone, tablet and web browsers

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Features on Companion Devices

Basic TV Features

Access to Live TV, Video on Demand, TV Guide and Recordings

TV Remote Control

Use your smartphone as a remote control

Share content on TV

Send your pictures, videos and music from your smartphone/tablet to the TV screen

My Media in the Cloud

Backup photos, music and videos stored on device to the cloud service

Social Networking

Share TV-related content to Facebook and Twitter

Video Calling

Makes video calls from smartphones/tablets/browsers to the TV screen

TV Notes

Send text messages that appear in the TV screen

Chat Rooms

Private chat rooms per TV Channel to talk about the program on air


Check-in the program you are watching

Know who is online on TV and watching what

TV Recommendations

From Facebook Friends and with a similar profile

Targeted and Contextual Messages

Enables operators to deliver on-screen messages to targeted TV clients (per example, T-Marketing and T-Advertising)

Extender of TV

Provides complementary information based on what is being watched on TV

Operator Benefits

  • Launch a new service to customers and grab the attention of millennials
  • Bring UGC and make the most of the TV offer
  • White-label solution, which can be easily customized with the Operator brand
  • Allow customers to archive their videos in Operator’s cloud storage (if applicable)
  • Include SWIS video traffic on an existing/new 4G data plan

Our Product

  • Use your smartphone as an handycam machine and create TV content
  • Share special moments remotely with the Family & Friends’ TV
  • Share favorite videos to the home TV

Interested on knowing more about our TV Suite? Check out our detailed PDF or get in touch with us.

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