What We Do

WIT is a software company that creates advanced solutions and white-label products for the mobile telecommunications industry.

How We Do it

We create well-engineered and user-friendly software, always aiming to achieve the best solution in the required time-frame.


We want to shape the future in mobile communications and inspire people by doing things differently. When working with us people will witness the difference.


Our Expertise

  • IP Communications and carrier messaging
  • RCS technology
  • VoIP, Mobile VoIP and Voice over LTE
  • IMS and VoLTE
  • Solution Design for IMS-based services
  • Unified Communications
  • Enterprise messaging and telephony applications
  • WebRTC and Web Technologies
  • IPTV middleware and TV Apps (Mediaroom)
  • OTT-TV solutions and multi-screen TV
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Payments (NFC, HCE, BLE, QR)

Our Vision

We want to create a new mobile lifestyle that make people more productive, more inspired and more connected.

We believe that the mobile phone will be the tool that will change positively the quality of life of new generations. And we want to shape that future.


We are recognized by our engineering skills, agility and experience in the software industry. But more important than that, we are recognized and trusted by our clients because of our values and coherency. As some of them say, “our walk goes with our talk”.

The company promotes very strong values within the organization: ambition with humility, integrity, strong ethics, responsibility, mutual respect and positive thinking. We tell everyday to our co-workers: our goal is to achieve success, but there is only true success when there is integrity.

Our headquarters’ office has a painting in the wall with some of the famous people that represent the most important values for us. That wall inspire every day we spend at work.