WIT Activities

WIT Academy logo

At WIT we work with emerging technologies and we are aware that what you have learned in the University has become obsolete in a couple of years. We know we need to invest in our employees and provide them continuous training to make them more productive and to help them in their careers.

That’s why we created WIT Academy, an internal “school” of the company, where we promote the continuous education in emerging topics related to the software industry.

In 2014, WIT Academy provided training in the following areas: VoIP/IMS Protocols, iOS Advanced Course, Android Programming Course and iOS Programing Course.

WIT also provided external courses in areas such as: “Software Architectures”, “Prince 2”, “Project Management”, “Labor Law”, “First Aid”, “ITIL”, “ISTQB”, “Quality Certification”, “UX/LX” and OTOC.

WIT Championship logo

We work for the global market in a very competitive environment. And sometimes that can be stressful. That’s why we created WIT Championship!

This is an annual competition, with several teams and several events to compete.

Competition was fierce but was done in a spirit of good mood and fair play.

In 2014 we promoted the second edition of WIT Championship with a Summer Party in a volley and soccer tournament at the beach. The second round was a Masterchef competition where the communication skills were strictly tested, more than the cooking skills. On the 3rd and final round we played Party&Co, snooker, foosball and poker.

WIT Awards logo

In January 2014, we organized the first “Oscar” Ceremony in our company at Casino da Figueira da Foz: the 1st WIT Awards. We honoured the co-workers with awards in 12 different categories: Best Trainee, Best Tech Talk, Best Initiative, Best Volunteer, Best Promoter, Career Mobility, Best Commitment, Best Client, Best Provider, Witness the Difference Award, Best Actor and the winner of the 2013 WIT Championship.

The ceremony was very formal, with the usual photos in the red-carpet and everyone that was there knows it. It was a memorable night, full of emotion and good spirits. With this initiative, we wanted to distinguish some of employees that did quite well in 2013.

The Awards’ winners are an example that should be followed by everyone in the company.

The 2nd WIT Awards took place last January and we are already planning the 3rd WIT Awards.

WITfm Logo

In 2014 we decided to create a new paradigm for the internal communication at WIT: instead of sending (boring) electronic newsletters every month, we created a Radio! Yes, a Radio. A private radio station, that is only available to our employees.

It is called WITfm… and is the favourite radio channel of witty people. In our radio, we broadcast internal news of the company, interviews with our co-workers, flash descriptions of our projects and achievements, and all of these mixed with a selection of the best music. The radio program production is done by a team of our own people.

WITfm is a different way of communicating in our company, with a good mood and a good beat.

Witty Band Logo

We have not only a private radio station but we went further and we created a band with our co-workers. That’s not a common band… that’s Witty Band.

Witty Band is a cover band. Currently, we play some of the hits of the 80s/90s. We have several members that play guitar, bass, piano, drum and we have several singers. The first show was done on 1st March, WIT’s birthdate, for an audience of 300 people.

Witty Band is a new way of team-building at WIT, as music is the most universal language of the world. In our band, we have authentic moments of fun and good mood. And people that attended the first show are already asking for more.

WIT Green logo

WIT was one of the first Portuguese software companies that implemented the ISO 14001:2004 process.

We are committed with some actions to reduce the environmental impact of our daily-activity, by promoting recycling practices and by trying to reduce the CO2 emissions by our travel policies. We are also proud to contribute every year towards a greener planet.

In 2013, we helped to plant 750 new trees in Mangualde, Viseu, as a way to reforest an area that was damaged by the fires in previous years.

WIT Helps logo

WIT is committed with a social program, called WIT Helps, where the employees can give some of their time as volunteers and the company can help some of the less fortunate people in the society. The number of employees that volunteer to the WIT Help actions has been increasing in these years.

In 2013, the company contributed to the program “Giros de Rua”, where our volunteers help in the night van that drives through the city, to provide food and clothes to homeless people. We also helped an institution of children by re-building all the bedrooms. It was cool to see our employees painting the walls and working in the project as the most motivated team. Every year our employees donate blood to the Hospitals of Coimbra.

For 2014, we started our program by sponsoring the access to education to 10 children in the province of Nampula, Mozambique, Africa. Every child needs an opportunity. We know we are not able to change the world’s situation, but if with our tiny help we could encourage other companies to do the same, and if all the companies in the planet would give something to those children, we believe it would make a difference.

WIT Pitch logo

Innovation is embodied in WIT’s DNA, so does creativity. At WIT we support our coworkers to promote themselves and to stand up for their ideas.

In a relaxed moment, the pitchers are invited to climb the stage, and in 90 seconds, a hard limit, present an idea.

It can be enhancement to WIT’s products, organizational processes or just a funny solution to life problems. Those who are the chosen to the finals must perform another pitch in 120 seconds where they should develop the core idea, focus on the problem and its solution. The pitcher must show also its unique value proposition and customer segments.

Above all, it is a moment to show all how we can think outside de box.